Winter Squash Competition 2019 - Entries


The cooler weather is arriving, so staying fit, active and warm is a whole lot easier when you sign up to play Winter Squash at Bendigo Squash Club. 

We welcome players of every level and have competition nights to suit, we've compiled a handy guide below to give you an idea of whats involved in getting started.

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(Entries close May 3 - emergencies welcome)

Winter competition (pennant) starts 13 May 2019

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  • A Grade play Monday nights - Start 13th May

  • B Grade play Tuesday nights - Start 14th May

  • Beginners round robin Wednesday night - Start 15th May

  • Mixed (All grades) Thursday nights - Start 16th May

Finals are played over 2 weeks for the top 4 teams of each division after the 12 rounds. Grand Final night 13th August 2019.

$144 or save 17% if you pay in full by week 3 ($120)
$15 Direct debit all inclusive unlimited use available (conditions apply)

You must be a member to play in our pennant competition, joining as a member costs $115. (concessions are available) Membership details here.











Squash for all levels - What's yours?

I've  been a member of the club before

So much has changed around the Club in recent times and you'll love seeing all the new and old players having a ball. The social club has re-formed and there's plenty of action at the courts most nights of the week. Why not pop back in for a hit over the summer and see for yourself.

I've never played squash

Come and play our casual Wednesday night round robin for beginners to see if you're up for the challenge, the first night is free and we've got a coach on hand to get you into the game.

If you've played Tennis, Badminton or other racket sports you'll likely feel comfortable swinging the racket and be playing competitive squash in no time at all.

I've played before but it's been a while

If you're new to Bendigo Squash Club then you'll want to drop us a line to organise a hit, that way we can asses your ability and get you started on the appropriate competition night. Our beginners round robin on Wednesday night (from 7 pm) and club practice on Sunday (at 6 pm) are great options to get back into it and see where you're at. 

What gear do you need to start?

FREE - Racquets are available for hire
FREE - Squash shoes available for hire
FREE - Eye protection available for hire

We have a range of racquets, shoes, eye protection and other squash gear available for purchase at the club. 

MEMBERS SAVE - As a member of the Bendigo Squash Club you'll save big bucks on squash equipment as we pass on gear for wholesale price, we don't sell squash gear to make a profit and you'll find our member prices to be unbelievable. 

What are the rules?

For beginners - Find a good account of the rules here