Discussion Points

The following page is under construction. It is intended to contain questions asked often after a referee call is made, why the decision was made and whether it was perhaps right or not. The intent is not to point fingers or determine who is right or wrong, but simply to have open discussions on interpretation of rules and sometimes to clarify what the rule is. 



The most common situation where turning occurs is after a serve. 

More to come


Appealing a ball being out, down, double hit, etc

A player does not need to wait until the end of the rally to appeal whether a ball is a legal return.

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Receiver not ready but serve still goes out

An uncommon situation but has happened enough times to mention. If the server serves without the receiver is ready, the receiver asks for a let but the serve still goes out, the point is not replayed. It is awarded to the receiver as the fact they were not ready does not impact on the serve going out. The only variance on this should be if the server baulks their shot in an attempt to not begin the point when they realise the receiver is not actually ready.

More to come