2017 Club Championships

A great day at Bendigo Squash Club yet again, congratulations to the winners and all those who made it to the finals. 

Our club championships have again proven to be a great way for our members to get to know each other outside of their regular competition nights, the club has been a hive of activity with everyone doing a great job in organising their own game times leading up the final.

A Grade Mens Winner: Cameron Penna, Runner-Up: Chris Armstrong
A Grade Womens Winner: Linda Windridge
B Grade Mens Winner: Aiden Matthews, Runner-Up: Paul Flood
B Grade Womens Winner: Bek Shaw, Runner-Up: Penny Larke
C Grade Mens Winner: Jackson Zimmer, Runner-Up: Ash Sim
C Grade Womens Winner: Dannielle Bowles, Runner-Up: Bron Osborne


C Womens